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New Moon Announcement and Updates

Breaking News 14:00 PST:   Trump to address a joint session of congress on Tuesday and then finalize plans for massive war on Islamic Extremism.  See February News Blog for more. New Moon Announcement:  The New Moon beginning the twelfth biblical month should be easily seen from Jerusalem after sunset ending 27 February. If confirmed the new […]

Rod Meredith Saying His Good-byes

Rod Meredith has been diagnosed with cancer which cannot be treated due to its advanced stage, aggressive nature and Rod’s advanced age, and he has been sent home to end his days.   Rod is now saying his last good-byes to close associates as he may not be strong enough for even that for very […]

Rod Meredith Health Crisis: Updated

Update:  Gerald Weston has posted his letter to the elders at FaceBook. This message was e-mailed to the Living Church of God ministry earlier today. This is an update on Dr. Meredith’s health. We are all praying for Dr. Meredith and we will provide additional updates in the Weekly Update, and also on the LCG […]

Don Ward Letter, Site News

UPDATE:  The schedule has been changed to post the Armstrong Calendar article this Sabbath and the “A Defense of the Biblical Calendar” on Sunday.  The Biblical Studies Calendar presentation will now be posted early next week. This change is to spread out the Calendar information through next week, instead of posting it all on one […]

News Update: Feb 3, 2017

Announcements:  The Web Host seems to have had a few problems Friday afternoon and overnight into the Sabbath.  I apologize for the erratic service.       See:  Donald Trump, the Middle East and Europe Breaking News 3 Feb, 2017:   This post had hardly been published when the US issued a strong condemnation of […]

Updates 21 Jan, 2017

Allwine Case:  Victor Kubik and UCG elders have met and decided that UCG is “not taking sides” in the Allwine case, nevertheless they have stripped Stephen Allwine of his eldership and barred him from attending UCG.  Amy’s family is caring for their 9 year old son.   Worldwatch: the Worldwatch site title is not working and I […]

UCG CoE December 2016 Conference Report

Don’t miss the latest article at worldwatch.is on Trump’s plans for war with Iran      Gavin Rumney best known for debunking Bob Thiel’s claims of having a ThD;  passed away with cancer, December 16, 2016.   LCG News: LCG has been distributing this press release:    We invite you to join us online on Saturday, December […]

UCG August 2016, CoE Report

New Moon Announcement:   The first visible light of the New Moon was seen fro0m Jerusalem at sunset this evening, making September 3 the first day of the sixth biblical month.  Welcome the first day of the sixth biblical month with the Shofar.  For more information about the New Moon’s and the Biblical Calendar from the […]

Kubik Pentecost Sermon Transcription and Comments

 Announcements:  The Kubik Pentecost sermon has been transcribed.  Both the transcript and the original audio may be downloaded at the Media Page.   UCG News:  eNews from Ministerial and Member Services Issue 237         July 14, 2016  “America: The Time Is Now!” seminars held in Chicago and Milwaukee Here are the results from all eight events held […]

UCG CoE Breaking News: New Chairman

John Elliott, Mario Seiglie and Rex Sexton were re-elected to the Council of Elders, and Jorge de Campos was elected to an international seat on the Council, filling the seat previously held by Rainer Salomaa. Today the Council of Elders elected Donald Ward as Chairman of the Council of Elders for a two-year term. Robert […]

LCG News and 15 May, UCG GCE Conference Continuing Updates

BREAKING UCG Ballot Results Council of Elders: Jorge DeCampos—International John Elliott Mario Seiglie Rex Sexton Jorge DeCampos is the only new face.  We will have to wait to see who he replaced. Strategic Plan—Pass (Yes—258; No—12) Operation Plan—Pass (Yes—255; No—15) Budget—Pass (Yes—250; No—18) Process for the GCE Submitting an Agenda Item—Pass (Yes—239; No—15) Process for the GCE to Submit an Agenda Without a […]

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