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UCG CoE December 2016 Conference Report

Don’t miss the latest article at on Trump’s plans for war with Iran  Announcements:   The Free Downloads page has been reorganized and is now back up.     Gavin Rumney best known for debunking Bob Thiel’s claims of having a ThD;  passed away with cancer, December 16, 2016.   LCG News: LCG has been distributing […]

UCG August 2016, CoE Report

New Moon Announcement:   The first visible light of the New Moon was seen fro0m Jerusalem at sunset this evening, making September 3 the first day of the sixth biblical month.  Welcome the first day of the sixth biblical month with the Shofar.  For more information about the New Moon’s and the Biblical Calendar from the […]

Herbert Armstrong on the Biblical Calendar

Daily News Announcements:    UCG [and NONE of the other COG Groups] cannot refute the “UCG Paper: A Defense of the Biblical Calendar” paper submitted to their Doctrinal Committee.  This paper is available at our Free Downloads site under the heading “The Doctrinal Paper Presented to UCG”  and has been widely circulated across the COG spectrum. UCG has found it […]

UCG CoE Breaking News: New Chairman

John Elliott, Mario Seiglie and Rex Sexton were re-elected to the Council of Elders, and Jorge de Campos was elected to an international seat on the Council, filling the seat previously held by Rainer Salomaa. Today the Council of Elders elected Donald Ward as Chairman of the Council of Elders for a two-year term. Robert […]

LCG News and 15 May, UCG GCE Conference Continuing Updates

BREAKING UCG Ballot Results Council of Elders: Jorge DeCampos—International John Elliott Mario Seiglie Rex Sexton Jorge DeCampos is the only new face.  We will have to wait to see who he replaced. Strategic Plan—Pass (Yes—258; No—12) Operation Plan—Pass (Yes—255; No—15) Budget—Pass (Yes—250; No—18) Process for the GCE Submitting an Agenda Item—Pass (Yes—239; No—15) Process for the GCE to Submit an Agenda Without a […]

2016 UCG General Conference of Elders and CoE Schedule

Extracts from Robin Webber’s letter on the annual meeting of the General Conference of Elders (GCE) in Milford, Ohio, from May 13-16 and the subsequent CoE Conference agenda.  Bolding mine.  The General Conference of Elders Your elders [will]  participate in critically examining the proposed Strategic and Operation Plans and the Budget of the Church placed before them […]

The Metamorphosis of the COG; James, John and Peter Pre-Passover Study

The word Metamorphosis means:  a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different thing. synonyms: transformation, mutation, transmutation, change, alteration, conversion, modification, remodeling, reconstruction; Over the past five years UCG has changed completely, right before the closed and sleeping eyes of the brethren.  The complete metamorphosis of UCG […]

News Update and 2016 New Year Announcement

Announcements:  The Passover Service is here Unleavened bread recipe here Both are also available for Free Download here And both will be posted shortly before Passover at this site. I am more than delighted to send an email with a copy of the Spring Festivals and Prophecy books, or any of our […]

UCG Coe Conference Report March 1 – 3

  This is the official CoE conference report.  All bolding except headings is mine.  In addition to this report UCG is now applying to incorporate a branch in Hong Kong. Council of Elders Meeting Report – March 1-3, 2016   Submitted by abooth on March 10, 2016 – 3:58pm United Church of God, an International Association […]

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