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Category: Jesus Christ

YHVH Revealed

Because of the importance of this study and because apparently UCG and some other COG’s have not been teaching this subject and many brethren have been drifting on this doctrine I will not post a new article tomorrow.   It is time that we clearly understood who and what we worship. This article is very […]

Jesus Christ: Never Overlooks Sin

This is an overview of the proofs that Jesus Christ will never overlook sin.  Let me be very clear here; there is a big difference between making an honest mistake and deliberately doing something wrong when we know better!  In the New Covenant there is a way to escape our sins; which is sincere repentance […]

Jesus Christ: Divider Corrector

  Jesus Christ: Divider Corrector Special Presentation:  God of Wonders.  As you watch this bear in mind that the Implementing Creator was the one who gave up his God-ship to become flesh and die for mankind and then to be resurrected and return to his glory with the Father. This video is a one and […]

Jesus Christ the Creator

  Revealing  the True and now largely forgotten Jesus Christ of the Bible, who has been replaced by many with a tolerant of sin false Jesus, having no zeal for his own commandments, and an almost anything goes in the name of a false meaningless and without substance false emotional “love,” insipid evangelical Jesus.  In the coming months I want […]

The Sacred Names Doctrine

This post contains multiple quotes from many sources. Because of the many people who have fallen away from sound doctrine during the various splits and crisis in the Ekklesia, today’s post will progressively cover modern Judaism, the Messianic Movement, and the Sacred Names Movement. This post is long and is very heavy on proofs. I […]

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