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Category: 104: Minor Prophets

Hosea 7 – 9

Link to:  Daily News     Hosea 7 Today the called out consider themselves righteous, thinking that they are God’s people and that God will not hold them accountable for what they do.  They call the Sabbath holy and then routinely pollute it, claiming that they have the right to decide for themselves what is right and […]

Hosea 4 – 6

Daily News From now on the Daily News link will go to the GodOurLight front page where the month’s daily news will be stickied to the top of that page instead of changing the news links every month.  This will make it easier for those visiting older posts to find the current month’s news and […]

The 12 Prophets Hosea 1 – 3

Daily News: Oct 2015  Breaking News:  Russian tourist plane crashes in Sinai, possibly shot down by Islamic State. ashininglight.info:   Sabbath Greetings: Watch and Be Ready Part 2 Introduction Generally, the biblical prophetic books are divided between the longer books called the Major Prophets [Isaiah – Jeremiah – Lamentations- Ezekiel and  Daniel], and the shorter books called […]

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