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Category: 103: Biblical Fall Festivals

God The Light of Truth

Throughout the scriptures darkness is used as an allegory of ignorance and spiritual blindness; while light is a reference to the light of spiritual understanding. We see that at the creation of this present world, the earth was in darkness and God brought light to the earth. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and […]

Branches and Booths

Announcements:  Please do not buy any books until I announce that everything is fully ready and finalized next spring.   God commands that a fall Feast be kept in the Seventh Biblical month which answers to September October time frame.  This is a Harvest Festival called the Feast of Ingathering or the Feast of Tabernacles to be kept in […]

The Five Megillot [Scrolls] and the Festivals

Announcements:  Beginning next week we will feature a series on the Beatitudes in the glorious Living Newsletter.  This will be a complete rework and update of the series published nearly three years ago.  Contact Constance at gloriousliving@aol.com for your own free subscription to our Newsletter.   Once the Beatitudes series is completed we plan a […]

The Nicolaitanes and the Primacy of Peter

Announcements:   Wednesday there will be a “Personal,” including some LCG news. The Passover Service is here https://worldwatch.is/?p=2077 Unleavened bread recipe here https://worldwatch.is/?p=5955 Both are also available for Free Download here http://godourlight.info/ And both will be posted shortly before Passover at this site. I am more than delighted to send an email with a copy of the […]

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