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More on: The Mother of Us All

 Daily News Announcements:   The 2 Kings study will be completed soon and I plan to go immediately on to Chronicles. For some who might think I am just posting older studies, I am taking older studies and completely updating them with a new format, typo and grammar corrections and much expanded explanations, however I have left the older comments up.  After Chronicles […]

God’s Church: The Mother of Us All

Daily News Announcements:  Tim McCaulley’s heart surgery has been rescheduled for next Friday.  Your prayers are requested. A second edition of the “Bible Prophecy” book is now available at the Free Downloads page.   The extensive research on the Celts and Gauls for this article has found a short paragraph on the Gauls and France just below the […]

Are We Really Standing on God’s Word?

  Daily News Link LCG COGWA News:  During the Feast of Unleavened Bread Rod Meredith was in Houston meeting locally with COGWA leaders.  Rod will be briefing the LCG Board during the upcoming LCG Board meetings. UCG NEWS:  Elders arrive for the General Conference of Elders next Friday.  Th UCG Sabbath services will be broadcast from Cincinnati next Sabbath. […]

Personal May 1, 2016

 Daily News Link LCG News:  So many LCG brethren are marking various LCG electronic material as SPAM that Doug Winnail was forced to issue this appeal on 21 April,  bolding his:    “we would like to request that if you receive an email subscription from us, and no-longer wish to receive it, please utilize the unsubscribe […]

Principles For Victorious Overcoming!

 Special Prayer Request:  Our dear brother in Australia, Benjamin Carlos; received confirmation of a cancer diagnosis this morning.  He is a person of good reputation and dearly beloved; I would personally, deeply appreciate your prayers for him.   Messages for him may be sent to me at jddm3@hotmail.com Announcements:  The Passover Service is here https://worldwatch.is/?p=2077 Unleavened bread […]

Who is Sovereign: God or Man?

LINK:  Daily News Announcements: Wednesday there will be a “Personal,” including some LCG news. The Passover Service is here https://worldwatch.is/?p=2077 Unleavened bread recipe here https://worldwatch.is/?p=5955 Both are also available for Free Download here http://godourlight.info/ And both will be posted shortly before Passover at this site. I am more than delighted to send an email with a copy of […]

State of the Work; Update 101

 Daily News REMINDER:    To be tax deductible in the United States for 2015, contributions must be post marked by or on 31 December 2015.  State of the Work; Update 101 This is a personal message on the State of this Work and plans for the near future.  These updates will be kept in the “Personal” […]


Daily News: Oct 2015  UPDATE 9 OCT there has been a blood bath as Israelis opened fire with live ammunition on a demonstration at the Gaza Erez crossing killing five and wounding thirty-five persons.  The possibility of rockets and Israeli retaliation bombing is very real The Israeli governing coalition is tottering; the Ramadi offensive begins in Iraq […]

Personal 8 Sep, 2015

LCG NEWS:  Gerald  Weston is currently in the process of moving to the UK to manage the LCG Europe desk, and Stuart Wachowicz is taking over as the new Canadian Regional Director. Good Morning All I am very tired from editing almost the entire New Testament studies over the past few days and slept in a […]

Symbols of the Tribes of Israel

BREAKING NEWS:   Major General Gadi Eizenkot will be appointed as Israel’s next Chief of Staff of the IDF, replacing Benny Gantz in February.   ANNOUNCEMENTS:   We have now booked a venue for the 2015 Feast of Tabernacles in Medford Oregon.  Interested persons should contact Constance at  gloriousliving@aol.com  More complete information will be announced early next year.  The […]

My Lord Delays His Coming

NEWS:   US Secretary of State John Kerry holds talks Wednesday and Thursday in Jeddah Saudi Arabia with the foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and five Gulf Arab states as part of the US coalition to fight the Islamic State. ANNOUNCEMENTS:  I really wanted to explain why the COG leaders are now […]

Biblical Tough Love

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Even though everything is working out in Gaza exactly as I have been warning for years, due to summer vacations our income is very poor and we are in serious need of your prayers and financial help.  For seven years this work has been warning the brethren, and we are now entering the time when […]

Be Ye Holy; For I Am Holy

NEW MOON:  The new moon of the fifth Biblical month was sighted in Ma’ale Adumim [a suburb of Jerusalem] by Roy Hoffman [a long time trusted veteran of the Israel New Moon Society] at 7:41 pm and by his daughter Lina, Monday, July 28. 2014.  Sunset tonight begins the New Moon day and the first […]

Nothing’s Gonna Change My World

16:00 EDT:   Israeli Forces Invade Gaza in Strength  UPDATES on Gaza war at this link. 15:30 EDT:   Israel Unleashes Massive Pre-invasion Bombardment of Gaza  BREAKING NEWS 15:00 EDT:   Israeli Gaza invasion imminent!  Meanwhile Iraqi Sunni / Kurd’s break with IS Caliphate.  Israeli Gaza Invasion Plans: Sunni / Kurds Split From IS Caliphate  NEWS:  Short ceasefire […]

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