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News Alerts 2017, 15 June to

23 Jun:  Just recovering from a broken left hip, Tim McCaulley has now broken his right hip and requests prayers.  

The new moon is expected to be easily seen after sunset ending Sunday 25 June making Monday the first day of the fourth biblical month.  New Moons are to be observed with Bible Studies and sounding the Shofar.  For more please see our Biblical Calendar category.

An announcement will be made as soon as the new moon is confirmed by sightings from Jerusalem.  Celebrate the new moon with the Shofar.  

An article on “Be Ye Holy” has been posted at the COG News site. 


15 Jun, 2017  A new article on Jezebel and Elijah has been posted at the COG site.

A manuscript of Luke, John and Acts is now available for FREE download at the Literature page.

As the non ISIS rebels wind down hostilities, the Islamic State is on the ropes nearing collapse.  Non Islamic State Rebels in Deraa accept 48 hour ceasefire to negotiate permanent deal.  For details see Syria War Winds Down, Whats Next?

The Acts 23 study has been amended with research on the Sadducee’s and spirits.  After further research the following has been added to Acts 23:8  

The idea that the Sadducee’s rejected angels and spirits is due to a misunderstanding of what Paul meant since angels and spirits are mentioned throughout the scriptures.

The proper meaning is that the Sadducee’s did not believe in a resurrection or change of people into angels or spirits. They believed that people were already spirits [immortal souls] trapped in a physical body and when the physical body died the spirit – which was considered  the real person – was released to go to God or to a place of punishment. This same belief exists today in Kabbalah Judaism and among some calling themselves Christian.

A study in the book of Romans begins on Sunday, that study is scheduled to complete on 27 June.  On 28 June a series of various doctrinal posts will commence and last about two weeks before the 1 Corinthians study begins.  The doctrinal posts will include posts on a variety of subjects from “Satan and Demons”  to “Fasting” and  “How to keep the Three Pilgrim Feasts”  There will also be an article on the Three Days and Three Nights.


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