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Bible Studies and Church of God News

A Restatement of Past Warnings on the Coming Events

Announcements:   This site is our COG and COG news site, and the ashininglight.info is mainly Constance’ site, while the worldwatch.is site is our world news site.  

This COG news site is not advertised and allows me to post on general COG matters which should not be part of a public outreach site.  

I am beginning work to set up the godourlight.info  site as a public outreach site in combination with the Worldwatch news site.  

theshininglight.info site features daily posts tailored to those who have a COG background while the God Our Light site will eventually feature regular posts designed to reach out to the general public who know nothing of the scriptures.  

Think of  TheShiningLight as being for COG folks and the God Our Light site as being set up to do the same kind of regular posting at a more basic level [and without COG news] for new folks.  

I began this work by reaching out to the Ekklesia first and the time is approaching to begin expanding the public outreach.  At present I am working very hard on the Gospels and Epistles and I will be working on the new project only as time allows; so this may take a few months to get fully going.  

I have come to the conclusion that virtually no one in the general public will buy the books and that all publications should also be made available free at the outreach site.  That said I have taken the first steps in building this outreach site by loading up and making available the Free Books on their own page which will now include a new format that also makes them available right on the front page.  Please visit here to see what I mean.  

As of now the Free Downloads page at ashininglight.info is being closed [the site will still be up, just not the Downloads page] and all links to the Downloads at the other sites will redirect to the new Downloads site url.  

All the existing sites will still continue, this is a matter of beginning a new public outreach site and shifting the book downloads there.  

The plan is that when the commentary and studies through the entire Bible are completed I want to continue with the COG site, with the world news site and also to begin an outreach site and program of – short, as easy to understand as possible – posts on the very basics of doctrine and the way to salvation.  I have always thought that I have been learning all the time and once the Bible Studies are brought up to a high standard it would be time to begin an exhaustive public outreach.  

This is my Plan B if things take longer than this year.  I can assure everyone that as long as time is left before the tribulation, there will be continuity and stability and growth in this work, including after the basics of the thorough Bible Studies are completed.  

The Developmental Priorities of This Work:

  1. Study the Holy Scriptures and set up a solid body of Scriptural commentary and study through the entire Bible as a foundation,  
  2. Warn and encourage the brethren to live by every Word of God,
  3. Go forward into an exhaustive public outreach.


LCG News:   Alarm in Charlotte

In spite of me announcing the Meredith sermon to thousands of our visitors, many of whom passed the word along to others, and LCG’s own promotional efforts; the listeners to the December 24 broadcast were less than 5,000; well down from last year’s 7,000.  

Based on input that I receive many of the brethren were deeply disappointed by this December’s sermon. They found the title very misleading, having nothing to do with the presentation which many found very boring having heard the same talk many many times before.

The LCG brethren are intensely eager to see a plan for the future that would give them a sense of continuity and stability during the leadership changeover

This and the decline in Feast of Tabernacles attendance in 2016 seems a reflection of the lack of publicized plans for the next few years, due to the deep divisions in LCG.

The power struggle continues between the hard liners who would like to line up with COGWA and the permissives who are leaning towards UCG positions.  

Which side gains the ascendency after Rod Meredith, will determine the direction that LCG will head, while the losing faction may bolt.  Nothing is yet sure in LCG.


UCG News:   Craig Clark has been hired part-time as the pastor for the United Church of God congregation in Freeland (Saginaw), Michigan. He is replacing interim pastor Steve Shafer who was filling in although retired.  

After spending years to pervert Jesus Christ from a powerful enforcer of the Word of God into a tolerant of sin false evangelical Jesus, Victor Kubik is moving on to phase two which is to emphasize discipleship to his false evangelical Jesus rather than discipleship to the Real Jesus of the Holy Scriptures.  



The Radical Jewish Settler Movement people are planning to present a Bill to annex the Ma’ale Adumin settlement in East Jerusalem after Donald Trump is inaugurated, and by the end of this month.  The Bill is already being crafted by a legislative committee

To present such a Bill before a final status agreement is negotiated is an extreme provocation, and a violent reaction is expected which would give Netanyahu the excuse he needs to invade Gaza and destroy the Hamas Military Wing and the other Gaza militants; and we might assume that he would have Trump’s support while Obama has been holding this back.  

It is also not guaranteed that the Bill would be approved by the Knesset and a new election may be coming in Israel.  


Scores of thousands of Syrian rebels are being concentrated in Idlib province, Syria; as they evacuate various towns in the country.  To stop the fighting in many areas the Assad regime is allowing the rebels to evacuate to Idlib and by allowing the rebels to evacuate to Idlib, rebel forces are being concentrated there.   The Russian Turkish plan is to make a peace deal with these rebels in February and then destroy the Islamic State, after which Russia plans to withdraw its forces from Syria.

Once the Islamic State is on the ropes and war breaks out with Israel, Hezbollah will be thoroughly defeated and the remaining power of Syria will be degraded to the point that the peace deal will become irrelevant and the rebels will be in a position to flood out of Idlib and the Turkish border safe haven to take over Syria.


Warning Reprise

I have been warning in detail for years about what is now on the brink of transpiring and I believe a reprise of those warning is appropriate at this time.  

In my first post on July 8, 2007 I wrote that the Scriptures tell us that peace and safety must come (1 Thess 5:3) and that to achieve such a peace agreement there must be a change in regional realities.  

  1. I said that there would be a multi front war involving Israel,  
  2. That a costly bloody war would bring a peace oriented government to Israel,
  3. That organized Islamic Extremism would be defeated,
  4. That the regime in Iran and possibly Syria would likely change,  
  5. That a crisis probably involving East and West would open the way for the miracle working abomination to be set up and a New Federal Europe to arise.

Over the intervening nine and one half years I also said that:  

  1. The extremist controlled Netanyahu government would need to be changed for any genuine peace dialogue, 
  2. That these events would bring a confrontation between East and West resulting in a New Order in Europe, and
  3. Recently when many pointed to the election of Trump, saying that this means that there will be more time; I said no, Trump is the man who is most likely to agree to a New Federal Europe and a new configuration for NATO.  

When others [including “prophet” Bob Thiel] said that Islamic Extremism would take over Egypt and all Islamic countries to become the king of the South, I pointed out that organized extremism would have to be defeated for a peace deal to be agreed.  I also pointed to Psalm 83 and the fact that the Islamic nations would be allied to the king of the NORTH and have no part in Egypt or the king of the South.  

Brethren, besides continually teaching the strong doctrine of every Word of God, studying chapter by chapter through every Word of God, I have consistently warned of these things in detail over the past nine and one half years.  

We are very close to the fulfillment of these things.  

I am planning a series through the Gospels and Epistles beginning near the end of this month.

This is more than a pre-Passover study;  it is my hope that as events unfold people will be motivated into a deep serious study into the doctrine of the Word of God, especially in the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles.



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  1. James, it is amazing to note that God sent Four Prophets ( Hosea, Amos, Micah and Jonah ) with messages to Israel – the Northern Ten tribes. But to Judah He sent Ten Prophets from Isaiah to Malachi except Nahum & Obadiah. One would have thought that Judah would have learned from her sister Israel. ( Ezek. 16:46-51, Jeremiah 3 :7- 8, Ezek. 5 : 6-7 ) these scriptures and many more showed how stubborn Judah was until her own punishment came. My point is that God is using the Prophets He used to warn Israel, & Judah and those He used ( Nahum & Obadiah ) for the Nations in those days and many examples (1. Corinth.10 : 11) in the Bible to warn us today. How terrible and pathetic ! We don’t get it. God have mercy on us.

    What happened to those people and the prophetic warnings to them were a foretype and example for us in spiritual Israel today. Because today’s called out spiritual Ekklesia are committing the same sins in their spiritual form [and very often in their physical form as well] we are facing the same correction. Just like them our pride has blinded us to our own true condition (Rev 3:15-22). James

  2. UCG is now expecting members to proselytize. I am hearing more emphasis in the messages about the responsibility of everyone to teach and gain followers. It sounds like they no longer believe it is God who does the calling. It is disappointing to hear the ministry spend more time talking about social events than they do reading of actual scripture.

  3. As stated here a number of times before, the corporate churches are dying, slowly but surely, just as so many of ancient Israel died in the wilderness because of their rebellion and unbelief. And yes, each and every member of the Body of Christ should have a personal ministry of some kind instead of just warming a seat on the Sabbath and thinking, “I’ve got it made”. My wife and I have had a personal ministry for almost 20 years after leaving the corporate churches for good in 1997. If God’s people are to be teachers in the Kingdom of God, we’d all better learn to teach now!

    I would add that we must learn God’s Word and keep it ourselves before we are ready to teach it to others. At this time we must prepare ourselves to teach others by learning and living by every Word of God ourselves: Something that most have not done and therefore they are not in a position to teach others about God’s Word. One must learn BEFORE one can teach.

    Today the vast majority of the ministry are not qualified and not capable of teaching others to live by every Word of God, because they have not learned and do not do so themselves; and they have certainly not taught the brethren to be teachers of godliness.

    It is past time that we all [elders included] began to properly prepare ourselves to be good examples and good teachers of the Word of God; by learning and living by God’s Word ourselves. Only then will we be able to teach others the Word of God. James

  4. Someone,

    Why do you stay there?

    I read these comments and see so many discouraged UCG members speaking about the compromising they are witnessing regularly at UCG. Do you now worry about drowning in lukewarm Laodicean water? Of all the major COG groups, UCG is unquestionably the most liberal and is continually taking a more Protestant tone and continues to be badly divided. How long will faithful Church of God members be able to stay there?

    Similar things can be said about the other groups which worship the traditions of a man and not God. Why do they remain steeped in idolatry rejecting the Word of God?

    It is because people do not want to believe that the organizations that they love could be flawed so they just close their eyes to reality. They seek any excuse to deny reality because they love their organizations more than they love the truth. 1 Ti 3:4 loving the social club more than they love God.

    Events over these next months will awaken some who will then respond to God’s two, but the rest will not awaken until they are forced to acquire the Holy Oil {God’s Spirit] for themselves in great tribulation. James

  5. In reply to some of the interesting comments raised here, what are UCG members be expected to prosetlyize ? Ucg has been a confusing mess to me since their split. What UCG is in one congregation can differ greatly to another. I know not what UCG is about these days yet have attended for many years.
    Even individual congregations can differ greatly from Sabbath to Sabbath.
    The was definitely something dodgy planned last Pentecost [in that area], something odd was going on. Yet the is no one left to care. It’s all about political power games. I don’t believe for one minute that the oldies will really hand power over to the next generation. They conspired for too long to take power in the first place. I will believe it when I see it.

  6. To Ob1’s point :- UCG is not interested in doctrinal obedience and a body fitly-framed together. We sat absolutely STUNNED at this past WFW when the theme UCG rolled out was “We are Family” !! For those of us who have been around this was EXACTLY the same stunt that Joe Tkach Sr. tried to pull over us all 20 years ago. I suppose the reasoning is that none of the ‘kids’ (clearly the WFW is designed to keep the kids involved as the sabbath service was essentially a young persons’ talent show, with all the prayers etc. performed by youngsters) would remember the Tkach tactic of the ‘group’ comes first, doctrine not so much…… Many of us older members were as shocked by this dragging out the old discredited and distasteful “We are family” as our COGWA friends were once shocked by the creation of a character named Abigail in COGWA’s young peoples’ literature (after the disgrace of the deceit of the false Abigail Cartwright character on Facebook). But the main message of the WFW sabbath sermon drew on a TV comedian’s (yes, no joking!) description of how one’s family is dysfunctional, screwed up, not doing the right things etc. but you love them, hug them and accept them — and so it is supposed to be also in God’s church — basically overlook all the sins and second-rate lukewarmness because they are our family, and ….this is how God wants it!! Why have Godly obedience and be fitly-framed, when we can be like Jeff Foxworthy’s messy family? At UCG anything goes as long as you pay your club dues. (We have not been back to church since the WFW and we strongly suspect the hierarchy there is happy to see people like us go.)

    Thank you very much for this eye witness account. James

  7. Regarding COG Observer’s question: “Why do you stay there”? From our
    observation of some, who even keep God’s true Holy Days & New Moons, it’s been expressed to us, that “we need to assemble ourselves on the Sabbath, even if we don’t agree with what is being said”. The same is said for United/etc, Feast sites – many go there because of “family & friends” & “to gather as scripture tells us to”. That attitude, leaves many of us, with no one of “like mind”, to gather with, & we have to “fend for ourselves, alone”, during The Feasts Of Tabernacles. We are Seniors on a fixed income & cannot go “somewhere away from our homes, each year, for the Feast Days”, because of the lack of 2nd tithe &/or, savings, for that purpose. I know that there are probably others, who find themselves in this same situation. I’d be interested to know how others handle this.

    God forbids meeting with apostates for religious purposes (1 Cor 5:11). Why don’t these people assemble with the Buddhists or Catholics then; because we are to assemble with GOD and with men ONLY if they are of like mindedness towards God. James

  8. In reply to Not my Family comments I thank you for your courage in speaking out.I had overlooked the UCG WFW sermon. Is this sermon online? I believe every word you wrote though. Ucg have indeed become an exclusive family clique. Not an inclusive Godly family but a mafia family with lots of secrets.

  9. To Ob1; Yes, the sermon is on-line : “We Are Family” Dec 24, Cincinnati, by Scott McKeon. (He was introduced with the credentials of having an MBA — yes, no kidding!). Didn’t take much courage to speak out, have been in touch with a dozen or so others with whom we all discussed this at the Sunday morning breakfast following the sermon. To James’ point: the 3 generations of our family have almost 100 combined years of tithe-paying, and when anyone’s income goes down 10 or 20% in bad times, we chop our entire budget and still tithe. With these new internet co-workers, the moment their income takes a 10% dive it will just be the tithe that gets chopped altogether (if their contributions ever amounted to a biblical tithe). The financial future of these CoGs is truly dismal, and coming faster and sooner as they drive away the true believers.

    See https://www.ucg.org/sermons/we-are-family-0 James

  10. “But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.”(I Corinthians 5:11) In fairness…this is a glittering generality from Mr. Malm

    Fascinating; I do not remember writing that to the Corinthians in the first century! My memory must be fading!

    This is the biggest cop out of all; proclaiming that the scriptures are just someones opinion, to try to justify rejecting God’s Word; when they are the Holy Word of God; NOT my opinion at all!


  11. In the context you used it to apply to people called by God who are trying to sort things out you used this God inspired scripture to paint with a broad brush. (James 3:9)

    This comment is about my response to Daphne’s comment.

    You seem to have misunderstood my point. For years and in very many articles I have been consistently talking about tolerating habitual self justified sin; which is a UCG hallmark.

    Tolerate anything and go along to get along is today’s UCG way. In most UCG congregations one can do anything they want as long as people sign cheques and occasionally warm a seat.

    Not only have I been posting on the extreme tolerance for habitual unrepented sin in UCG for five years now, but the comments themselves are based on this point which is obvious to everyone. James

  12. Fairnesses comments above seem to offer a brief glimpse into the thinking that has blighted Ucg in recent years. Sin is also throughout the churches of God but being openly flaunted at times in UCG.
    ‘Trying to sort things out’ is a lilly livered excuse used for the ministers buddy’s are openly sinning and this is their excuse if anyone grasses them up.

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