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Bible Studies and Church of God News


It is not my intention to post many sermons here, only those of significance by persons of influence.  These MP3s and transcripts may be downloaded completely anonymously.  Written material is in PDF format. 

UCG:  God’s Church The Mother of Us All  Download  by Randy Stiver

This sermon was removed from the UCG sermon site in a tacit admission by them that my extensive article on this attempt to exalt the corporate organization above the Word of God is correct.  Link to the article on the sermon  This kind of exaltation of men above God’s Word is epidemic in the COG groups today.  Read the article and prove for yourself who is Sovereign: God or some corporate entity! 

President of UCG Victor Kubik Pentecost 2016, “Spirit of Remembrance”  Download  in which he denies the pre-existence and Creatorship of Jesus Christ, saying that God the Father is not the Father and that Jesus is a Being created by the Holy Spirit.  This file may be too large to download on small devices like phones.

Transcript of above sermon Download   with my comments.  Includes Victor’s corrections from his Newsletter of 14 July. 

LCG:  “God’s Government is Vital”  by LCG Head Roderick C Meredith  Download   2014 audio sermon explaining the authority enforcement system in LCG. 


The Biblical Calendar

Herbert W Armstrong Quotes  Download on the Biblical Calendar

A Defense of the Biblical Calendar  Download  The compilation of this paper was requested by Scott Ashley of UCG who then refused to submit it.   In fact Scott refused to even read it, apparently asking for a paper was his way of putting his members off.  I later sent this same paper to Jorge de Campos who assured me that he forwarded it to the Doctrinal Committee, where it disappeared into oblivion.

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