America, Arabs and the Petro Dollar

The United States and the Syrian rebels she backs have split with Russia, and Kerry is threatening to declare all previous agreements void, bringing the United States and Russia close to the point of direct confrontation in Syria.

80 world statesmen – nearly all of them high degree Masons and New World Order folks, from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama and Prince Charles – are using the gathering for the Peres [top level Mason] funeral for marathon meetings.  

It is circulating that Obama has tentatively set the Mosul offensive to begin on Oct 19th, advancing the date from the end of the month. Meanwhile western media focus on Syria-Russia operations to liberate Aleppo  

Allied planes have been pounding the city for weeks to prepare for the ground invasion.   A sister operation against Raqqa is also awaiting the order of execution, which might depend on how things go in Mosul.

US Secretary of State John Kerry called Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday and threatened that Washington will cancel all of its understandings with Moscow regarding Syria if the attempt to liberate Aleppo  does not halt immediately. The American backed rebels in Syria have decided to abandon all negotiations.  They and the US are blaming Russia.  

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said the threat amounted to “the most frank confession by the US side so far that the whole ‘opposition’ ostensibly fighting a ‘civil war’ in Syria is a US-controlled international terrorist alliance.”

The Philippines has split with the US and ordered American forces out of the country after the present joint exercise.  The Philippines is making approaches to China.  



America to Split With Islamic Nations Except Egypt 

Congress voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to allow families of Sept. 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for its alleged backing of the attackers, handing Barack Obama the first veto override of his presidency.

The Senate vote was 97-1. The House vote a few hours later was 348-77.

Lawmakers said their priority was the 9/11 victims and their families, not the American relationship with Saudi Arabia.  Despite all the rumor-mongering the Saudi government likely had nothing to do with the attacks.  

If lawsuits take place as is highly likely, the kingdom maintains an arsenal of tools to retaliate with, including curtailing official contacts, pulling billions of dollars from the US economy, and persuading its close allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council to scale back counter-terrorism cooperation, investments and US access to important regional military bases. 

Joseph Gagnon, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, said estimates put the figure of official Saudi assets in the government at somewhere between $500 billion and $1 trillion when considering potential foreign bank deposits and offshore accounts.

The kingdom had $96.5 billion in holdings of Treasury securities in August, according to the most recent number released by the Treasury Department. Saudi Arabia ranked 15th in its holdings of US Treasury debt.

As one of the world’s largest oil exporters with the biggest economy in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia also has other business partners to choose from in Europe and Asia, said President and CEO of the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce David Hamod.

At this time the Saudi’s need America to overcome the Islamic State, Iran and the Assad regime, but resolve those problems and this American move is pushing the Saudi’s right into the arms of the rising New Europe;  add into that equation the extremist Jewish Settler Movement sabotage of the coming peace deal.  

Remember that nearly all of the many trillions of US international debt is in the form of bookkeeping entries.  If the nations were to simply delete the dollar sign and add the Euro sign on their books, and then refuse to accept US dollars; demanding to be paid in Petro Euros  instead of Petro Dollars, the US dollar would immediately collapse.   

The Arabs and Islamic nations – except Egypt – will be quick to jump off the American bandwagon and into alliance with the New Europe and abandon the US Dollar; as soon as the coming Mideast peace deal collapses (Psalm 83, 1 Thess 5:3, Mat 24:15, Luke 21,  Dan 11:40-43).  

Prophecy tells us that the Arab countries will join a coalition with Jordan and other Islamic states [without Egypt] led by Turkey and allied with Ashur, the ancient name for Assyria, the modern Germanic peoples (Psalm 83).  

The scripture says that the tribulation will begin with the fall of Jerusalem and Judea when the abomination goes to the Holy Place (Mat 24:15, 1 Thess 5:3 and Rev 11:2).  

Nowhere is it written that the tribulation will begin when Ephraim and Manasseh [Britain and America] are invaded.  In fact it is written that Israel – apart from Judah – will be brought down over a 3 1/2 year period, NOT necessarily invaded or violently attacked at all!  

Daniel 12:7 And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.  

Just a week ago I wrote on this very subject explaining how America would be brought down through a series of cascading events over 3 1/2 years, without the necessity for a foreign invasion.  Please read this vitally important article! 

The Syrian Conflict, the Coming New World Order and Messiah

Why vitally important?  because the present COG leaders are wrongly thinking about these things in terms of wars of invasion.  

The false teachings of “prophet” Bob Thiel  

They are thinking that America must be invaded to fall.  They do not stand on the scriptures and they have forgotten the words of one of their most revered leaders:   

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.  Abraham Lincoln

Many years ago now – apparently as part of a plan to set himself up as the Elijah to come – Bob Thiel convinced Rod Meredith that the first half of the 70th week had not yet been fulfilled, and AFTER a Mideast peace deal was reached there would still be 3 1/2 years to do an Elijah work. This is absolutely contrary to scriptures which clearly states that when peace and safety is declared immediate destruction will come (1 Thess 5:3), but it appeals to the desire of Bob to exalt himself.

Unfortunately for Bob, this idea of doing an Elijah Work also appealed to the ego of others and he was rejected as the self proclaimed prophet and Elijah.

Also most unfortunately, Bob has convinced most of the leaders in LCG of his patently false anti scriptural teaching, and from LCG this insidious false teaching has caught the imaginations of many in COGWA, UCG and elsewhere, so that today very many leaders and elders actually believe that there will be a three and one half year period AFTER peace is declared, in which THEY can do an Elijah work before the tribulation begins.

Until Bob and his gross personal ego based error, the WCG Armstrong folks had always taught that the first half of the 70th week was fulfilled in the first century and the tribulation will begin as soon as peace and safety is declared.

For an explanation of the 70th week of the 70 Weeks Prophecy see:  

The 70 Weeks Prophecy Part 2: The 70th Week and the Great Tribulation

Once Bob broke with Meredith, after Meredith would not accept Bob as resident prophet and Elijah to be, Bob declared himself a prophet and has spent a very large amount of time defending his idea that he is a prophet.

First Bob declares – utterly contrary to scripture – that a 3 1/2 year period – to do an Elijah Work – will begin AFTER a peace deal is made and BEFORE the tribulation begins.

Paul tells us that destruction will come IMMEDIATELY after peace is declared (1 Thess 5:3), but if Paul’s word is not enough, Jesus Himself said that the tribulation will begin immediately when:

  1. The abomination goes to the Holy Place (Mat 24:15) and
  2. When we see Jerusalem surrounded by armies (Luke 21).

Nothing is said about any invasion of America or Britain!  Who is correct Jesus and Paul, or Bob Thiel?

The sad fact is that most of today’s leaders and elders believe that Thiel’s false teaching is correct and do not believe the words of Paul and Jesus Christ, or even the past teaching of Herbert Armstrong, and they certainly do not believe me.  So because of their pride and ego in exalting themselves, they shall fall into great correction.

Second; a few years ago Bob predicted that:

  1. Islamic Extremism was the King of the South
  2. That Islamic Extremism would take over Egypt
  3. That Islamic Extremism would take over most Mideast Muslim nations.

All of these predictions have or are in the process of failing miserably

Source Bob Thiel   On 22 September 2016 Bob Thiel wrote an article titled:

CGG’s John Ritenbaugh writes about prophets for the end times 

In this article Bob lists three dozen of what he calls COG prophetic errors. 

The interesting thing about this is that in Bob’s explanations he reveals that he believes the tribulation will BEGIN with an invasion of the United States and or Britain, defying the clear statements of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:15-22;  and of course he continues to misrepresent me.  

I have said for years that the 2300 Day Prophecy – if the starting date of the countdown is correct – points to the tribulation beginning in the winter of 2017-2018.  

I have also said that if the starting date for the  2300 year count is not quite correct, the signs of the times indicate that the tribulation is still highly likely to begin  within a year or two after that. 

The 2300 Day Prophecy: Dating the Tribulation and the Coming of Messiah

My point about false prophet Bob and the major COG factions is that they are applying Dark Ages ideas of warfare to modern times and a different situation with America being isolated behind two great sea’s: wrongly speaking of America being nuked and invaded,  

THINK!  What government would want to expose their soldiers to radiation by invading a nuked area?  Why would Europeans want to nuke the US and Britain when the Jet Stream would bring massive radiation over Europe within hours? 

America will be brought down by economic collapse and possibly cyber attacks accompanied by God’s curses of Deuteronomy 28 and internal disruptions, rather than a literal land invasion.  

People need to start believing the scriptures and learn some lessons on warfare and history as well.  It is not necessary to invade a nation to bring it down.

Today’s news that America has now placed the Petro Dollar in extreme jeopardy, has come very quickly after last week’s article describing these things, and as soon as circumstances change and the Saudi’s have a viable alternative ally in the rising New Europe;  the US Dollar will be abandoned by the whole world for an alternative currency,  and the dollar based economies of the Anglo Saxon peoples will grind to a halt.  

Over the first months the price of fuel will skyrocket many times the present cost; this will affect all sectors of the economy and the government will have to step in with severe rationing and the allocation of most fuel to the military and government; to maintain order, and food production.  Meanwhile extreme drought and other adversities will escalate the situation (Deu 28:15-69).  

The resulting meltdown of the United States would necessitate the eventual declaration of a State of Emergency and the president would then have dictatorial powers.  Imagine dictator Hillary, or the merciless Trump; as dictator forcing their will on a collapsing America.  

Revelation 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed. . .

Today’s COG factions signed up to support all government decisions when they signed the 501[c] tax code.  If they do not support every government decision, the government would be on them to take away their assets as quickly as Job lost his wealth, and as organizations they would be effectively muzzled by fear or by losing their assets.  

Many of the folks who reject the scriptures and reject reality for their own false imaginations, might not even believe the tribulation has begun when Jerusalem falls, nor when Judea is occupied, nor even when massive crisis and tragedy befall our Anglo Saxon peoples; so that many will be taken by surprise even when Christ comes.    

To how many of the seven churches did Jesus warn that he would come quickly [suddenly unexpectedly] and remove their light (Rev 2-3)?  Yes, all seven attitudes and problems are present in the brethren when Christ comes as well as across the ages.  

The pieces are beginning to fall into place.  Seek the LORD wholeheartedly and learn to live by every Word of God.  Please remember this work in your prayers and with your financial support.  



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  1. For those who know Gerald Seelig, it is humorous to see he is being assigned to be assistant-pastor of UCG’s Cincinnati North church. He and his wife frequently attend services (and even speak to) Jim O’Brien’s COG-Cincinnati church (which broke off of UCG in 2004). He also frequents Jim O’Brien’s Lexington Weekend in December. The new UCG seems much more sympathetic to those who broke off of UCG to be independent in the early 2000’s. A couple of years ago, Victor Kubik spoke at a congregation in central Pennsylvania that split off of UCG in 2004, essentially led by the toxic Sue Johns.

    It’s ironic that UCG treats the more conservative and doctrinally sound COGWA with such disdain, but is so friendly with these independent groups that have become very Protestant in their approach in the years following their split with the old-UCG. But, it fits with the character of the leadership of United since the 2010 split.

    Thank you for this. The people you mention split in 04 because they were too permissive to accept the Franks Kilough people still in UCG at that time. Now that the permissives have taken over UCG, it is natural that they associate with these other permissives again.

    Grace Communion International is trying to move its headquarters to North Carolina as a cost saver but this is not going over well because of the initial heavy expense of the move which GCI cannot afford. They are caught in a bind and UCG leaders have been moving to make themselves attractive to GCI folks for the past five years. The attractant goes beyond doctrine to things like their pension plan for elders.

    UCG sees little future do to aging members; and the present leaders now have to admit that their public seminars are going nowhere. UCG knows that if they make the final moves on their planned changes they will lose members: The question is, will they gain enough to make the changes profitable? or will everything break down? How this will work out should be very interesting.

    IF this comes, COGWA could be a big winner; or will many turn to God as world and COG events unfold? James

  2. Jim O’Brien, Sue Johns and her husband, Guy Swensen, Bill Jacobs, Wendy Pack, Rick from Didactic Ministries, and several other small “independent” groups that split from UCG are all loosely affiliated and often share speakers. Many UCG regular attendees also visit with them both on Sabbath and social events. Perhaps UCG anticipates a domino effect; if they can convince one group to return, the others will follow.

    They are working very hard to bring the evangelical leaning folks to UCG. So far all their efforts to attract new people have failed miserably in spite of the extensive watering down of doctrine and they are getting more and more desparate; as per the Chairman’s recent obey us sermon.

    UCG is also reaching out to permissives in LCG, as it seems that LCG is transitioning to another hard liner in Gerald Weston and some are beginning to leave that organization. James

  3. I have been intrigued by Turkish President Erdogan and how he publicly straddles the fence between secular moderate and Islamist. Some including myself think he may try to claim to be a descendant of Mohammad and restore the Caliphate, fulfilling Islamic prophecy concerning the 12th Imam and the Mahdi.

  4. “It is becoming more apparent to us that local congregational involvement and engagement will be needed AND EXPECTED to help increase our attendance.”
    Bwahahaha. What a big giant joke. Where is it written that any of us “owes” these guys a church? They are in for a big giant surprise, because there are a lot of people attending that group who are not going along.

    They are fully aware that many are tumbling to the ongoing doctrinal watering down and they are getting desperate. They know if they go all the way they will lose many, but for them this is a calculation about whether they will gain more than they lose and so gain an advantage. James

  5. A couple of the break-offs are joining with CGI and UCG in a joint Feast of Tabernacles, which I know is not unusual. This site already draws local people from various groups, but is so small it needed help or else could no longer support this site. It’s usually about the money one way or another.

    Would you identify the site please. James

  6. Hi James,
    Thanks for your blog & posts. You know more about the internal machinations than I do. Frankly, I think they’ve been desperate. In 2010-2011, they blamed all of their problems on the COGWA leaders. They can’t get away with that anymore and they know it, so now they are passing the buck to the local congregations. When the local congregations fail to meet their “expectations” local congregations can all “expect” to be treated the same way these jokers have historically treated people. What a pathetic bunch of losers! Meanwhile, Grace Communion International wants to move to North Carolina, but can’t afford to do so. How is that not funny? Maybe they should apply to Dr. Meredith for a job? They’d have to make some doctrinal corrections, but it’s common knowledge to anyone who’s been watching this stuff that ministerial treatment of congregants means nothing – the primary qualifications are a degree from Ambassador College and towing the corporate line & helping to keep lining their central coffers. People need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    GCI people are much more likely to look to UCG as soon as UCG completes their changes. After all it was the people now controlling UCG who transformed WCG into GCI in the first place. James

  7. Can I ask which group CGI you are referring to in your comments above please James.
    Do you mean Church of God International or grace communion.
    Sorry about that. Grace Communion James

  8. They call it “Land Between the Lakes”, but it is really Kentucky Dam Village, right on Kentucky Lake.
    Thank you James

  9. I was invited to attend the organizational committee meeting as a friend so I contacted one of them today to ask what groups are sponsoring it, as I didn’t ask then and don’t want to misinform. Here is her response: “CEM, CGI, UCG in a limited capacity, Fellowship in faith, several independent small churches The names escape me right now”

  10. It sounds highly likely the land between the lakes feast site is more about the various splinter groups from the original CGI being together in a loose form of fellowship. As that split was only ever about Garner Ted and not doctrine if truth be told. CGI,CEM,CGOM,and others all from CGI. UCG brethren may be through family connections or friendships.

  11. UCG tried to embrace an ecumenical approach at its founding, which isn’t surprising since a number of its founders had brought it into WCG. Mr. C. Wayne Cole was invited to Indianapolis by Mr. Victor Kubik. At that conference, Mr. Kubik reportedly wanted to know the whereabouts of Global ministry and was told that most of them weren’t coming due to concerns about doctrine, which Mr. Kubik reportedly didn’t see as a big deal. Therefore, none of this stuff that we see UCG doing should be any surprise. It was all about picking and choosing who & what they wanted for themselves from the start.

  12. Someone else, are you perhaps referring to ICG (Intercontinental), which is the one that leans solely on the Armstrong legacy. Or maybe the CGI as a whole is as you describe, but not this particular feast site, it has been open to other groups for years, only now are they making a more official effort…and they make no effort to hide that it is partly about money. Without a stronger attendance at this site, they wouldn’t be able to keep it open.

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