Announcements, 2017 1 Aug – 14 Sep


9 Sep 19:45 PDT:   Irma has veered west and will make a direct hit on Tampa in the morning, before moving up the west of Florida and dissipating in Tennessee.   Jose is moving north and may dissipate in the Atlantic.  Katla has hit the Veracruz area of Mexico and has been downgraded to a tropical storm, there is heavy local flooding.  


8 Sep:  The theme of this year’s Fall Festivals is “Godly Wisdom”.  The James study concludes today and tomorrow we will begin a nine part series on “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” taken from the Newsletter and completely rewritten and updated for this offering.  

Following that will be a series explaining the Fall Festivals, and for the Feast of Tabernacles we will be doing a series through the Beatitudes.  

After that Feast I will take a three day break to give travel time and a chance to catch up for those who were away during the Feast.  Then we will complete the Epistles studies and get right into some doctrinal studies.  

There is a tsunami warning after an 8.1 earthquake struck of the southern coast of Mexico


6 Sep:  State of emergency in Carolina as a second and third hurricane named. 

The US seems to be setting the diplomacy for war on N. Korea in the UNSC, demanding an extremely harsh Resolution be passed Monday.  See details of  UNSC Draft.

Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in all 67 counties to give local governments “ample time, resources and flexibility” to prepare for the storm. President Donald Trump also approved a federal emergency declaration for the state ahead of the storm, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Our article on the developing Middle East Peace Initiative and the coming Israeli elections has been updated.

5 Sep:  The largest recorded storm in Atlantic history Category Five Hurricane Irma is continuing to gain strength as it approaches Puerto Rico.   The storm may make landfall in Florida on Saturday after continuing to grow in strength.  Residents of South Florida should be preparing now for possible evacuation later this week.  

In a worst case scenario the hurricane could skip up the east coast of Florida and strike Georgia and the Carolina’s.


3 Sep:  Breaking News 03:00 PDT: North Korea makes nuclear breakout years ahead of assessed state of their program.  US and allies in emergency consultations.


31 Aug:   There are also a number of significant world news developments.


28 Aug:  The Memorial of Trumpets: Sunset ending 21 September: Sunset 18:37  –  Moon set 19:36 Moon Illumination 1.8%.  

The new moon day of the seventh biblical month – the Feast of Trumpets – CANNOT come before sunset ending 21 Sep.  

It is 100% likely that barring heavy cloud cover, the first visible light of the new moon will be seen from Jerusalem right after sunset ending 21 Sep. making Friday 22 September the first day of the seventh biblical month and the Feast of Trumpets.  

If the new moon is not seen from Jerusalem after sunset ending 21 Sep because of cloud, then the Feast of Trumpets will be on the Sabbath of 23 Sep.  

Please see the Calendar category on the sidebar for much more information. For the Armstrong take on the calendar  see the calendar category at the Church news site.

The Middle East is progressing towards a regional war in the coming months; the big question is whether there will be an Israel election call before the conflict, or if the war will come first so that Bibi can then call an election to campaign on the victory.


25 Aug:    After the Feast a doctrinal series will begin at this site on the priesthood of both the Mosaic and New Covenants, which will include the priesthood, ministry, government, education, the Temple, sacrifices and the sacrifice of Christ and much much more.


24 Aug:   A powerful hurricane is building up and is expected to hit lower Texas tomorrow with extremely heavy rain, sea surge and very high winds. Brethren are requesting our prayers on their behalf.


23 Aug:  As expected the new moon was not seen from Jerusalem yesterday.  

The first visible light of the new moon has been seen by multiple observes both in Jerusalem and across the region this evening.  This means that the sixth biblical month will begin at sunset this evening.

God commands that all New Moon’s be observed with worship services [Bible Studies] and the sounding of the Shofar.  

For more please  visit the Calendar category for many in depth articles on the Biblical Calendar and the New Moon.  


22 Aug:  See detailed analysis of Donald Trump’s speech on Afghanistan and an associated economic forecast for the next few years.

21 Aug:  An addition has been made to The Gifts of God’s Spirit: Healing, concerning the medical profession and Sabbath work. 


19 Aug:  There is almost no chance that the first visible light of the new moon could be seen after sunset ending 22 August.  If the new moon is seen from Jerusalem the next evening, the sixth biblical month will begin at sunset ending 23 August.  An announcement will be made when the new moon is seen from Jerusalem. 


14 Aug:  Visit our Korea Blog here and scroll down to the bottom for an explanation of the roots of this conflict

The United States is planning to begin a massive exercise called Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, rehearsing a decapitation of the NK government and an invasion of North Korea on Aug 21 – 31.  This annual exercise which has been getting bigger and bigger each year may be the reason that the DPRK, feeling seriously threatened, is announcing a long range missile test at about the same time.

The Real Issue:  North Korea, Russia and China are asking that the threatening and very provocative regular US exercises be stopped in return for a freeze of the DPRK’s missile program and the US refuses.


11 Aug:   Kushner to arrive in Israel [UPDATED at Worldwatch News site] for further talks on the Trump Peace Initiative.  It is beginning to look like the pressure for peace talks from Trump  could bring an election call after the Knesset reconvenes from its summer recess.  The election would be complicated by the corruption investigation which could discourage folks from voting Likud. Israel is also expected to attack Gaza in the coming months escalating into a regional Mideast war.  Today, according to a KAN TV poll, 67% of the public don’t believe Netanyahu’s claims of innocence and 69% believe he should resign.

After consulting with his military chiefs on Monday, Trump has sent most of his B-1B bombers to the Pacific where they will augment the six already stationed on Guam for a possible attack on the DPRK, if Chairman Un is foolish enough to carry out his planned long range missile test.  The warplanes began arriving in the region on Tuesday.  The possibility remains that  Un might delay his missile test – and another nuclear test – until the US is occupied with Iran during the coming Mideast war.  

See our regularly updated North Korea Blog for the background of the Korean War and regular news posts over the past year.


10 Aug:  Things are heating up as Netanyahu, desperate to distract from a probable indictment for corruption is preparing for war on Gaza.


4 Aug:  Germany and France are building the core of a New – politically united – Federal Europe as the EU collapses into multiple crises.  See August 2017 News Blog.


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