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Category: 501 Doctrines

The Bible and its Translations

INTRODUCTION: This is a look at the methods used by Satan to attempt to destroy God’s people and the Holy Scriptures through the past 2,000 years. This post will also reveal the Mysteries and depths of Satanic doctrine, which is hidden in the mumbo jumbo of false religions.  Background When Alexander conquered Egypt and then […]

50 Teachings of Jesus Christ

Followers of Christ are the called out of God  the Father who have come under the sacrificial blood of Jesus and are committed to go and sin no more. They are those that do not follow after strange doctrines (are not defiled or stained by false religion) nor do they cling to the traditions of […]

God’s Promises of Salvation

The immutable unbreakable promises of God  This study will look at the immutable unbreakable promises that God made through Adam and Abraham to all those throughout all generations who will accept God’s call to become one of His and who make a lifelong commitment to become faithful followers of His Way. The true gospel is […]

Satan, Demons and Humanity

Isaiah 14:1-11 speaks of the end of Lucifer [Satan, the adversary of God] and how he will be brought to his end.  Verse 12-15  gives the reason for  the fall of Lucifer, which is his rebellion against God. Isaiah 14:12    How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou […]

The Resurrections

God set up the annual Sabbaths and Festivals as an instructional allegory based on the harvests in the promised land.  The annual Biblical Festivals reveal a small early and then a latter main harvest of humanity into the family of God, based on the small early and later main fall harvests in Judea – Samaria. […]

The Tree of Life

 The Tree of Life In Genesis 3 two trees are described.  The first tree was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and it was forbidden to the man and woman.  This tree was symbolic of deciding right and wrong for ourselves and the command  forbidding eating from this tree was a test command to see […]

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