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Category: News Alerts

News Alerts, 2017 1 Aug – 14 Sep

13 Sep:   My response to Bob Thiel’s lying attack on me as he tries to distract people from his own failed prophecies.   12 Sep:  LCG claims to have authority over God’s Word to bind and loose whatever they want, thus exalting themselves above God and demanding that the brethren obey them and not […]

America, Arabs and the Petro Dollar

The United States and the Syrian rebels she backs have split with Russia, and Kerry is threatening to declare all previous agreements void, bringing the United States and Russia close to the point of direct confrontation in Syria. 80 world statesmen – nearly all of them high degree Masons and New World Order folks, from […]

America Plans Confrontation With Russia

The 2016 Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca is expected [depending on the new moon]  9 – 14 September, the Iraqi Mosul offensive is planned to begin in October.  All but 200 Islamic State fighters have now been eradicated from Sirte and they are trapped against the sea and facing total annihilation.  Other ISIL remnants are fleeing south to try […]

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