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Category: 101: Israel

106: The Kings of Israel and Judah

The following chart Source Link contains underlined links to short biographies of the various kings of Israel and Judah.  These biographies give a general idea and background of these kings which will be properly studied in the Kings and Chronicles studies.  Those kings who were generally good are in bolded green, those who began well […]

105: The Dynasty of David

There are some who believe that the crowned heads of Europe and particularly the British royal family are descended from King David.  This idea comes from two sources:  The desire of supporters of British Israelism to further support their position, and The kings of Britain, beginning with James 1, have used the idea to further […]

104: Modern Locations of the Ten Tribes of Israel

Historically the French Hugenot magistrate M. le Loyer’s book “The Ten Lost Tribes“, published in 1590, was one of the first publications to claim that the  “Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic, and associated cultures”were direct descendants of the ancient Israelites.    The very well educated and well read king James I of Britain and Scotland [(James […]

103: The Sabbath and Mistaken Identities

The Sabbath and Mistaken Identities Historians have written that various religious organizations kept the Sabbath which has led to confusion about the history of the Christian era church.    The Word Sabbath and its Common Meanings The claims that various historical people and groups were godly is often based on the word “Sabbath” as used […]

101: Symbols of the Tribes of Israel

Since the Ezekiel study ended with the twelve gates of the Millennial Jerusalem, I wanted to continue with an article on the twelve tribes and their symbols. God commanded Moses to make a breastplate for the high priest in the wilderness Twelve gems were to be placed in the High Priest’s breastplate. One for each of the […]

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