This site contains doctrinal studies and line by line studies and commentary through the entire Bible.

Manuscripts of all our books can be downloaded for free here. 

Please Note-  All of these manuscripts are being updated with the latest understanding in 2018 [please delete older versions], and will be added here as they are completed.   

My purpose is to have all of theshininglight material reviewed and fully updated;  This process began early last year and should be completed in the coming months.

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The Biblical Festivals

NOTE:   There is more material on these subjects in the Festivals categories.  

The Passover Sacraments and Unleavened Bread Recipe  Download

The Sovereignty of God; the Biblical Sabbath and Calendar  Download

The Spring Festivals  Download

The Fall Festivals  Download


The New Testament

Matthew Mark   Download

Luke John Acts   Download


Moses and History books   

Genesis-Exodus  Download 

Leviticus-Numbers  Download

Deuteronomy-Joshua  Download 

Judges Ruth Samuel   Download


Prophecy books 

British Israel Study Paper  Download

Bible Prophecy book  Download  This version is good but limited and a new expanded version is coming later this year.

Isaiah  Download 


Wisdom Books 

NOTE:  These books were updated in 2017 

Psalms  Download

Ecclesiastes-Job   Download

Proverbs and The Song of Songs  Download



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