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All of the publications are being updated for 2018. 

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Holy Day Date Chart   Download

New Moons to 2027   Download


God’s Plan for Humanity

Tribulation and Deliverance [Bible Prophecy]  Download

Personal Salvation   Download

Ecclesiastical Authority   Download

God’s Biblical Festivals:  Passover and Unleavened Bread   Download

God’s Biblical Festivals: Pentecost to Purim  has been updated with the latest material from the 2018 Fall Festivals   Download


Free manuscripts of our books may be downloaded for easier study  

Genesis Exodus   Download 

Leviticus Numbers   Download

Deuteronomy Joshua   Download

Judges Ruth Samuel     Download


Isaiah    Download 

Jeremiah Lamentations   Download 

Ezekiel   Download


Psalms   Download


Matthew Mark   Download

Luke John   Download

Acts   Download

Romans Corinthians  Download

Galatians to Philemon  Download

Hebrews to Jude  Download



I do not intend to publish print versions of The Twelve Prophets or Revelation Daniel at this time.  Otherwise all of the publications dated beginning in 2018 are available for purchase at  Lulu books and are up to date; older books are out of print. Lulu has locations throughout the world, including Australia.   If necessary please search the Lulu site for the author “James Malm” 

These books are all 8 1/2 X 11, wide margin, large type study editions.  The books will be in black and white to keep costs down [color is triple the cost]. 

I strongly advise everyone to buy their own copies remembering that during the tribulation there is no guarantee of regular internet access or even regular electrical service, especially in the Judaeo Anglo Saxon countries or in any possible refuge.   

I have been working on these publications as a pre-tribulation effort and I strongly recommend that the brethren purchase these volumes.  Please do not forget to like and or comment when you visit the printer’s site!

Brethren, I am not making big money on any sales, the price is set by the printer and I have given a large discount based on the royalties portion.  If I bought them and had to maintain inventory and a mail room, the cost to this work would be much higher then people ordering directly from the printer. 

For the cost of a good bottle of wine one can have a Commentary/Study through the words of eternal life. 

Purchase copies [especially the five book series on “God’s Plan for Humanity”] for your friends, especially those without internet access.  Yes, feel free to use your tithe to purchase these publications! 

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