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The Sabbath, Calendar and Festivals

The Biblical Sabbath and Calendar  Download  Heavy on the Sovereignty of God including the Primacy of Peter, Binding and Loosing, Law and Grace, the Covenants, the Biblical Sabbath and Calendar.  A must read for  foundational doctrine.  

The Biblical Spring Festivals Download  Containing the Passover Psalms, the correct order  of the last Passover of Christ, unleavened bread recipe and the New Covenant Passover Service and much much more.

The Biblical Fall Festivals  Download  How do the seven day Feast of Tabernacles picture a one thousand year millennium when Peter tells us that one day is as one thousand years?  A must read for the truth about the Biblical Fall Festivals.  


Moses and History

Deuteronomy and Joshua   Download

Judges, Ruth and Samuel     Download Updated 11 Jun, 2017



2015 In Prophecy  Download  A short introduction to the advanced Bible Prophecy book.  

The Future Revealed   Download A further short introduction to the advanced bible Prophecy book.

Bible Prophecy  In depth studies in biblical prophecy.  Download  


Isaiah  Download  

Jeremiah Lamentations  Download  

Ezekiel   Download  

The 12 Minor Prophets  Download  Updated 30 Jun 2017


The Gospels and Epistles

Matthew   Download and Mark   Updated 1 Jun, 2017

Luke, John and Acts   Download  Updated 9 Jun, 2017 


Wisdom Books  

Proverbs and the Song of Songs   Download  Updated 16 Jun, 2017

Psalms  Download  Updated 29 May, 2017


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