This site contains line by line studies and commentary through the entire Bible and additional in depth studies in Doctrine.  Studies of an average two chapters each have been posted for easy regular daily study.  

The chapter by chapter Bible studies here have also been consolidated into full book studies for the convenience of those wishing to study more than a few daily chapters.  The full book studies are posted at our News and Prophecy site and can be accessed at the right hand side bar Categories links.  

In addition to the studies at our sites, many of the studies are available as printed shelf books for purchase.  The purchase price is about the minimum allowed and these print on demand books save us the cost of maintaining an inventory and mail processing system.  For that reason purchasing from CreateSpace or Amazon is actually much less expensive for us, since a book sold for $20 through this system would probably cost us over $30 in your contributions for us to provide it personally.  

Please go ahead and use your tithe or offerings directly towards the purchase of printed material.  It should also be remembered that not everyone has internet access and it would be an excellent idea to buy a few copies as gifts for non internet friends.  

One excellent gift would be our “The Biblical Sabbath and Calendar” book which is very strong for the first half on the sovereignty of God, followed by sections on the Sabbath and Calendar.  Please download a free manuscript below to review and then consider buying several copies for yourself, your family and your friends.  At only $11 – about the price of one bottle of wine – this full sized volume is a very affordable treasure trove of the words of life eternal, and would make an excellent Feast gift. 

The featured downloads are here to give visitors an idea of the size and quality of the actual printed books.  Remember that during the soon coming tribulation there is no guarantee of power or internet access and a shelf print version would be indispensable.  


The Sabbath, Calendar and Festivals

The Biblical Sabbath and Calendar  Download  Heavy on the Sovereignty of God including the Primacy of Peter, Binding and Loosing, Law and Grace, the Covenants, the Biblical Sabbath and Calendar.  A must read for  foundational doctrine.  

The Biblical Spring Festivals Download  Containing the Passover Psalms, the correct order  of the last Passover of Christ, unleavened bread recipe and the true New Covenant Passover Service and much much more.

The Biblical Fall Festivals  Download  How does the seven day Feast of Tabernacles picture a one thousand year millennium when Peter tells us that one day is as one thousand years?  A must read for the truth about the Biblical Fall Festivals.  

“The Future Revealed” Download A short introduction to the “Bible Prophecy” book including background for the present situation in Ukraine. 

“2015 in Prophecy”  Download another short prelude to the “Bible Prophecy” book.

“Bible Prophecy” Download An extensive full size study edition covering prophecy from the present through the millennium.  NOTE:  This 2015 book will be expanded in late 2018.


“Isaiah” has been completely rewritten.  This December 2017 version replaces all previous versions.  Download 

“Jeremiah Lamentations” has been completely rewritten, this December 2017 version replaces all previous versions.  Download 

“Ezekiel” has been completely rewritten, this December 2017 version replaces all previous versions.   Download


The New Testament 

All four book transcripts have been updated in 2017

Matthew and Mark  Download


Luke, John and Acts  Download


Epistles Romans to Colossians Download


Epistles Thessalonians to Jude   Download 


Genesis Exodus Download  completely new in January 2018

Study Papers 
British Israel; Locations of the Tribes and a study of the Davidic Dynasty in prophecy.  Download
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