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News Alerts, 2017 1 Aug –

19 Aug:  There is a slim chance that the first visible light of the new moon could be seen after sunset ending 22 August and observers will be out looking for it.  If the new moon is not seen at Jerusalem at that time, then the sixth biblical month should begin at sunset ending 23 August.  An announcement will be made when the new moon is seen from Jerusalem.  For extensive articles explaining the Rabbinic and Biblical Calendars visit this category.

Please see the new prophecy article.


16 Aug:  Our Words of Comfort and Hope site RSS Feed is now back up on the sidebar.  The RSS Feed and link were removed while Constance and my son David updated the format of nearly 100 articles and I reviewed and updated their content.


14 Aug:  Visit our Korea Blog here and scroll down to the bottom for an explanation of the roots of this conflict

The United States is planning to begin a massive exercise called Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, rehearsing a decapitation of the NK government and an invasion of North Korea on Aug 21 – 31.  This annual exercise which has been getting bigger and bigger each year may be the reason that the DPRK, feeling seriously threatened, is announcing a long range missile test at about the same time.

The Real Issue:  North Korea, Russia and China are asking that the threatening and very provocative regular US exercises be stopped in return for a freeze of the DPRK’s missile program and the US refuses.


13 Aug:   The updated “The Epistles:  Romans to Colossians” study has been completed and is now available for free download at the Literature page.


11 Aug:   Kushner to arrive in Israel [UPDATED at Worldwatch News site] for further talks on the Trump Peace Initiative.  It is beginning to look like the pressure for peace talks from Trump  could bring an election call after the Knesset reconvenes from its summer recess.  The election would be complicated by the corruption investigation which could discourage folks from voting Likud. Israel is also expected to attack Gaza in the coming months escalating into a regional Mideast war.  Today, according to a KAN TV poll, 67% of the public don’t believe Netanyahu’s claims of innocence and 69% believe he should resign.

After consulting with his military chiefs on Monday, Trump has sent most of his B-1B bombers to the Pacific where they will augment the six already stationed on Guam for a possible attack on the DPRK, if Chairman Un is foolish enough to carry out his planned long range missile test.  The warplanes began arriving in the region on Tuesday.  The possibility remains that  Un might delay his missile test – and another nuclear test – until the US is occupied with Iran during the coming Mideast war.  

See our regularly updated North Korea Blog for the background of the Korean War and regular news posts over the past year.


10 Aug:  Things are heating up as Netanyahu desperate to distract from a probable indictment for corruption is preparing for war on Gaza.


9 Aug:  Allie Dart passed away this morning.  Updated with funeral arrangements 10 Aug.


6 Aug:  Netanyahu government nearing its end.  The issue is no longer just an election call but the Likud leadership and a possible corruption conviction for Netanyahu.  

See:  2017: Live Blog: Coming Israeli Elections


4 Aug:  Germany and France are building the core of a New – politically united – Federal Europe as the EU collapses into multiple crises.  See August 2017 News Blog.


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