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The Sabbath and Mistaken Identities; The Stone of Scone

The Sabbath and Mistaken Identities

Historians have written that the Celts kept the Sabbath which has led to the Armstrong COG

The Word Sabbath and its Common Meanings

The claims that various historical people and groups were godly is based on the word “Sabbath” as used by historians.  

In reality Constantine decreed that the Sabbath was to be observed on the first day of the week and not on the Biblical Seventh Day; but the word “Sabbath” was never changed, only the day on which the “Sabbath” was observed was changed; so that from Constantine to today the first day of the week has been referred to as the “Sabbath” by Catholics and Protestants!

In fact the word “Sabbath” really refers to two different days: To the Biblically faithful it refers to the seventh day of the week,  but to the mainstream professing Christian the word “Sabbath” refers to the first day of the week!  

The word “Sabbath” in reference to the Irish Patrick and many others refers to Sunday the first day of the week and not to the Biblical Seventh Day Sabbath!  

The Plain Truth is that since the end of the Theocracy of Israel up to relatively modern times, God’s called out were scattered individuals, families and small assemblies and not organized corporate “churches”; therefore they simply cannot be traced down through history.  


The Celts and Israel  

First, did Israel really keep the Biblical Seventh Day Sabbath in their journies?  

Ask yourself why the Ten Tribes were removed from the promised land:  They were removed from the promised land because from the days of Jeroboam the son of Nebat they had continually rebelled against God, being overtaken by idolatry and SABBATH BREAKING!  

NO, the Ten Tribes did not keep the seventh day Sabbath, either before their removal or during their wanderings, to this very day!  

The Celts did not observe the seventh day Sabbath and neither did the Ten Tribes!

There is absolutely no doubt that the Anglo Saxons and Normans are the Ten Tribes of Israel, but people groping in the dark and trying to manufacture evidence have had much of their “evidence” thoroughly disproved and have given British Israel a bad name.


The Celts and Israel: A Case of Mistaken Identity

  1. The word Celt refers to many different peoples speaking related languages, and does not refer to any specific people at all.  While the Gauls were Celts, they were certainly not the ONLY Celts.  The word “Celt” refers to a wide variety of peoples who were quite different but had languages with some similarities, and who had lived in western Europe from the most ancient times. 

2.  The Celts inhabited Europe from soon after Babel and the word Celt does not refer to any tribe of Israel but refers to pre Israel Europe 

3.  No tribe of Israel was either Celtic or Gaul; except that the half tribe of Dan picked up the Gaelic language when they “abode in ships” and migrated to already Celtic Ireland during the period of the Judges.

4.  The related Celtic languages and civilizations existed across Europe since at least before the time of Samuel, as early as the 13th century  B.C., and well before the removal of the Ten Tribes of Israel from Palestine in c 721 B.C. 

5.  The Gauls also called Celts, also existed in Europe from the most ancient times, well before the migrations of Assyria and the Ten Tribes, in fact even before the captivity of the Ten Tribes.    

6.  The Gauls actually invaded Greece FROM Europe in 279 B.C., and then coming from Greece they entered Anatolia to establish Galatia:  Heading EAST from Europe into Greece and Anatolia; not heading from Anatolia WEST into Europe as the UCG  study  wrongly claims.

7.  Not all Gauls invaded Anatolia from Greece and the Balkans to establish Galatia; many Gauls remained in Europe their homeland, where later they were joined by the Hittites [Franks] to form France 

8.   The Gauls were Gentiles and not a tribe of Israel; some Gauls invaded Anatolia FROM Greece and the Balkans and established Galatia where they were visited by Paul the apostle sent to the Gentiles [who was forbidden to go to the Ten Tribes]; and to whom the Epistle of Galatians was written. 

It is history and scripture which are correct; the ten tribes were taken to Assyria and Mesopotamia c 721 B.C. hundreds of years AFTER the Celts overspread Europe [Reuben did not overspread Europe seven or eight hundred years before the Assyrian captivity].  Then after the fall of Assyria c 610 B.C. the Ten Tribes migrated with the Assyrians North,  past the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea region and then headed west into northern Europe from the East.   

In 616 B.C., the Medes under Cyaxares conquered Ashur. In the year 612 B.C, Nineveh fell to the combined forces of the Babylonians and Medes. Haran, Ashur-uballit’s last stronghold, was taken in 610 B.C., ending the Assyrian empire.

The term Celts or Gaul’s  was a generic term for the various races inhabiting  Europe from times well before Samuel.

The Gauls entered Anatolia FROM Greece and Europe where they had lived for about a thousand years previously about c200 B.C.  The Gauls were NOT a tribe of Israel just entering Europe generations after the Assyrian captivity.


The Franks and France 

The Hittites were a Canaanite tribe.  Many Hittites remained in Palestine, but the bulk of them migrated when Joshua entered  Palestine (c 1400 B.C.) to form the kingdom of Troy of Homer’s Trojan War fame (the Trojan war came later in c 1200 B.C.), settling in Anatolia. 

After the Hittites were defeated in Troy they migrated into southern Europe passing through the territory of the Gauls and continuing north where they became known as the Franks by the Romans, naming their new capitol after the former  king of Troy, calling it Paris, while the word France comes from the word Franks.    

The Franks [Hittites] dominated Northern France, while the ancient Celtic Gauls continued to dominate the south of France and northern Italy.



The tribe of Reuben did migrate into Normandy France with the Norman invasions into Scandinavia and Britain by the tribes of Israel, but later, beginning with the discovery of the New World, the Normandy Normans migrated to Louisiana and Canada.  In short the idea that France is a tribe of Israel contradicts scripture and history and is wrong. 

Modern France is the nation of the Franks and Gauls [Canaanite Hittites and Gauls] and is not a tribe of Israel.   Reuben lives in Canada and tbe United States known as the Quebecois, Acadians and Cajuns today.  


The Stone of Scone  

One night Jacob took a stone and probably placed his cloak on it to use it as a pillow.  That night he had an encounter with God.  He anointed the stone because God had been present there (Gern 28).  To count the stone itself as significant is idolatry, just like idolizing the Ark or the Temple and not looking to the God who dwelt there:  BOTH of which God allowed to be destroyed because they were being venerated above obedience to God. 

God commanded Moses to put a figure of a serpent on a pole and those who looked on it would be healed (Num 21).  The serpent on the pole was a figure of Christ dying for and taking on himself the sins of the people; and looking to it was a picture that God in the form of Christ would save all those who looked to him.  Later Hezekiah destroyed the brazen serpent made by Moses because it had become an object of idolatry (2 kings 18:4).  

Now consider that this stone of Jacob is never mentioned in scripture as having been moved anywhere or as even being known after that time, yet some will imagine – and it is pure fantasy;  that this stone was some great thing, which is forbidden by God being idolatry; and falsely surmise that this same stone was taken by Jeremiah to Ireland, then to Scotland and would then REMAIN in England.

Brethren, Jacob’s pillow stone being the Coronation Stone is a made up idolatrous fantasy having absolutely no basis in fact.  It is this kind of unscriptural fantasy which is also historically false which gives British Israel a bad name when BI is absolutely true.  


The Truth About the Stone of Destiny  

Kings everywhere are generally looked upon as not only rulers but representing the whole nation, and are often considered as a father figure for the nation, and of course kings are always looking for ways to enhance their mystique.  

The ancient Scottish kings decided that they should be coronated over a symbol of Scotland, as an indicator that they were rulers of the whole land.  Then as the symbol of the land it was decided to use a native stone, and a rectangle of native Scottish sandstone was carved out and placed under the Coronation Throne of Scotland.  

Jacob’s pillow was a natural stone of the Middle East, while the Stone of Scone is CARVED local sandstone and the Irish stone was white Irish marble, while the stone does not remain in England but has now been repatriated to Scotland; see the differences?

The Coronation Stone is a carved rectangular block of red sandstone which was used for centuries in the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland, and later the coronation of the monarchs of England and Scotland in the United Kingdom.  The stone is about 26 inches (660 mm) by 16.75 inches (425 mm) by 10.5 inches (270 mm) and its weight is approximately 336 pounds (152 kg). A cross is inscribed on it, and an iron ring is attached at each end.


















The stone is “lower Old Red Sandstone”, which was quarried in the vicinity of Scone Scotland.

In 1296, the stone was captured by Edward I as spoils of war and taken to Westminster Abbey, where it was fitted into a wooden chair—known as King Edward’s Chair—on which most subsequent English sovereigns have been crowned as representing the United Kingdom of Scotland and England. 

On 3 July 1996, it was announced in the House of Commons that the stone would be returned to Scotland, and on 15 November 1996, after a handover ceremony at the border between representatives of the Home Office and of the Scottish Office, it was transported to Edinburgh Castle. 



Robert of Gloucester (1240-1300) wrote that the first Irish immigrants brought a stone with them into Scotland, stating it was a “whyte marble stone”. So, rather than the sandstone of the present Stone of Destiny, the Irish stone was white marble.  Meaning that the two stones were quite different.  

This Irish stone was brought to the British Isle as a bit of the homeland or souvenir, by a few Irish immigrants and the story was greatly embellished in the early 1600’s by Charles 1 to support his claim of divine right over religion.  That Irish marble stone has been completely lost.


The Jacob Legend and the English War for Religious Freedom

Let me be very clear; this article is about a stone it is NOT about the kings daughters story. The women could easily have traveled without taking a stone with them.

It was during the wars of Charles 1 with Cromwell and Parliament over the divine rights of kings to dictate “religion vs. religious freedom;”  that the rumor was started claiming that British kings had Divine Right over religion because they were crowned over Jacob’s pillow stone.

The civil war began when king Charles 1 decreed that the Book of Common Prayer of his state church must be used in ALL churches in place of the Bible, and the story that the Stone of Scone came from Jacob was a political invention to enhance the prestige and authority of the king. 




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  1. James, the Coronation stone, stone of scone that is displayed in Scotland is white. It’s displayed behind a glass case with lights shining on it but its very white.

    That is because of the intense white lighting and glass, it is actually a very pale yellowish or pinkish in natural light. James

  2. Victor Kubik’s explanation for the 22 April fast amounts to lifting their voices up on high to ask God: “…to guide the messages delivered, as well as decisions made…”

    God does not work through committees, and if God were involved in any way with what happens in the United Association there would be no need for committees. If God isn’t strong enough to accomplish His will through one man, then why expect God to guide and direct many men?

    Not only is that true, but Victor and those committee men turn a blind eye to the following verse that has a lot to do with the purpose and timing for an acceptable fast to God:

    “Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: ye shall NOT fast as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high.” Isaiah 58:4

    God’s guidance regarding fasting is specified in Isaiah 58:3-11….and note that it includes verse 4!

    If Victor and his council of men won’t pay any attention to these verses 3 thru 11 on fasting, then why should God provide them with any more guidance and direction? It makes no sense.

    It appears that the United Association is just lifting up its voice on high as if to receive a warm fuzzy for something. And to fast on one of God’s Feast days, His Sabbath, also makes no sense at all!

    If God were doing any thing with the United Association one world expect to see a lot more fruit evident by their association by now. There appears to be virtually no growth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ since 16 Jan 1986, the day Mr. Herbert W Armstrong died. We used to hear: where is the beef? Well, in this case, where is the fruit? The United Association needs to be doing a lot more than lifting up their voices on one of God’s Feast days. Perhaps an in-depth study to grasp the understanding behind God’s inspired words of Isaiah 58:3-11 would be an excellent beginning!

    As I said in the original post the fast is to set the mood of the brethren and elders to accept the change in numbers needed to change fundamental beliefs and founding documents. James

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